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Digitizing Holistic Environmental Stories

Complex, multi-spatial, and temporal environmental-societal problems are common and challenging to resolve since they persist for decades. Unresolved, history has shown us how societies are pushed to a tipping point and may collapse following unusual weather events. While available data has enabled us to discern broad environmental trends, our current models and decision frameworks continue a narrow, fragmented and disciplinary-based approach that increases the risk that societal and/or environmental collapse are likely to occur in the future.

Through community-academic collaborations, this proposal seeks to strengthen the resilience and capacity of multicultural groups located in rural communities across eastern Washington. Vulnerable and underrepresented communities are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate changes; however, are seldom included in the development of solutions. This project will collaborate with local community leaders and youth to integrate a Native American knowledge-forming process to script digital stories. Stories will be action-oriented and visualize sustainable holistic solutions for complex and multidisciplinary environmental problems. The project goals are as follows:

Goal 1: Promote the integration of traditional knowledge held by local communities in the design of strategies of mitigation and adaptation to environmental change.

Goal 2: Provide an integrated informational platform to include holistic placed-based knowledge and improve decisions
in the management of natural resources.

Goal 3: Identify strategies for data to be used to communicate and engage with stakeholders and
policymakers in the development of action-oriented and sustainable holistic solutions.

Research Team

Kristiina Vogt

Environmental and Forest Sciences

Philip Fawcett


Mike Marchand

Chairman, Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

Mike Tulee

Executive Director, United Tribes of All Tribes Foundation

Daniel Vogt

Environmental and Forest Sciences

Alexa Scherier

Program on the Environment