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Member Organizations

We can’t solve complex environmental problems alone.

EarthLab member organizations are key to bringing our mission to life. EarthLab provides each member organization with critical technical, operational and communications support to amplify their work addressing some of the most critical environmental challenges of our lifetime. Current members are listed below.

Center for Health and the Global Environment

The Center for Health and the Global Environment (CHanGE) brings expertise and resources to partnerships around the world to prioritize health in climate change mitigation and adaptation and to incorporate climate resilience into all health sector activities.

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Climbers on ice

Climate Impacts Group

Since 1995, the Climate Impacts Group has provided the fundamental scientific understanding, data, tools and guidance needed to help decision makers understand, prepare for and manage local climate impacts.

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Deer in the forest

Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program

The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at UW is a multi-summer, undergraduate learning experience that explores conservation across food, water, climate and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. DDCSP@UW supports emerging conservation leaders to develop unique perspectives and skill sets by drawing connections between conservation, individual and community identities, biodiversity and environmental justice.

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Future Rivers

Large freshwater ecosystems that help support the global economy and provide food, water, and energy worldwide are experiencing unprecedented changes. The University of Washington Future Rivers graduate research traineeship was designed to meet an urgent need for interdisciplinary scientists that can look at complex problems and datasets in innovative ways. This program will help gain insights into current and future problems from changes to these ecosystems.

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Nature and Health

Nature and Health is working to accelerate our understanding of the health benefits of spending time in natural spaces and how to apply that knowledge across five key groups—veterans, children, the elderly, healthcare providers and underserved populations. Working closely with our partners, our goal is to help remove numerous health-related barriers, like lowering costs for care, designing better schools and hospitals and reducing disparities in health and well-being.

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Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center

The Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at EarthLab contributes to transforming ocean governance through scholarship, communication, and training a transdisciplinary and international network of researchers integrating human-centered tools, perspectives, evidence and narratives.

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Smoke along a mountain ridge

Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

The Department of the Interior Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center was established to help safeguard the natural and cultural resources of Idaho, Oregon, Washington and surrounding river basins. The Center is a federal-university partnership that produces relevant and accessible science on climate change impacts and adaptation actions for Northwest natural resource managers and policy-makers.

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Waves on a coastline

Washington Ocean Acidification Center

The Washington Ocean Acidification Center at UW connects researchers, policymakers, industry and others across Washington to advance the science of ocean acidification and provide a foundation for proactive strategies and policies to protect marine ecosystems and the people that depend on them.

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