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EarthLab Faculty Steering Committee

The Faculty Steering Committee is comprised of UW faculty who facilitate EarthLab’s work by advising staff on strategic priorities, programming, new ideas and feedback for convenings, collaborations and other possible activity. They foster connections across and beyond UW as ambassadors for EarthLab, and together form a community of learning about new methods of connecting scholarship with society to address environmental challenges.

Becky Alexander

Professor and Director, Program on Climate Change

Ann Bostrom

Professor, Environmental Policy

Kyle Crowder

Blumstein-Jordon Professor of Sociology

Sara Curran

Professor, Jackson School of International Studies

Derek Fulwiler

Chief Strategy Officer, UW Population Health Initiative

Jeremy Hess, MD

Director, The Center for Health and the Global Environment

Martha Groom

Professor, UW Bothell & Director, DDCSP@UW

Michelle Johnson-Jennings

Professor; School of Social Work

Peter Kahn

Professor, Environmental and Forest Sciences

Terrie Klinger

Co-Director, Washington Ocean Acidification Center

Josh Lawler

Professor and Director, Nature and Health

Clarita Lefthand-Begay

Assistant Professor, iSchool

Phil Levin

Professor, Environmental and Forest Sciences

Jan Newton

Co-Director, Washington Ocean Acidification Center

Julian Olden

Professor, Aquatic and Fisher Sciences

Yoshitaka Ota

Professor and Director, Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center

Emily Cox Pahnke

Associate Professor, Foster School of Business

Daniel Schwartz

Director, Clean Energy Institute

Maya Tolstoy

Maggie Walker Dean, College of the Environment

Ken Yocom

Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture