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Innovation Grants

EarthLab envisions a world where nature and people thrive. Working in partnership with others, we accelerate and focus University of Washington expertise to address large-scale environmental challenges, making a positive impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

The EarthLab Innovation Grants Program seeks to invest in teams of University of Washington researchers, students and non-academic partners developing innovative solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Funding is intended to support new partnerships that are led by and with those most impacted by a particular environmental challenge, seek to co-define research priorities from multiple perspectives, and generate actionable science and knowledge (i.e., research that is usable and used). Those most impacted may refer to the people, communities, municipalities (e.g., a city planning for sea level rise), industries (e.g., agricultural industry facing increased flooding or drought), or other entities directly affected by an environmental challenge.

Pressing environmental challenges might include, for example: the effects of climate change on people and ecosystems, such as ocean acidification, increased food insecurity, and displacement due to sea level rise; environmental pollution or hazards disproportionately affecting Indigenous communities, communities of color and low-income communities; the impacts of nature and the built environment on human health; the effects of reduced biodiversity on ecosystems and human well-being; and more.

Project teams must include at least one non-academic partner (for example: a Tribe; a community-led organization: a non-governmental organization; a city, state or federal agency; or a business); a minimum of two University of Washington researchers from different disciplines; and at least one University of Washington undergraduate or graduate student or postdoc.

For questions or assistance with the application process, please contact us at elgrants@uw.edu.

EarthLab is pleased to partner with the Population Health Initiative to offer a jointly-funded population health pilot research grant that seeks to improve an issue of environmental resilience. The application process and timelines for this award are separate from our Innovation Grants. Please visit the Population Health Initiative website to learn more.