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Summer Internship Program


EarthLab Summer Internships is a robust, cohort-based internship program for University of Washington undergraduate students. Interns will develop interdisciplinary and community-engagement skills. Working alongside community members and researchers, they will build their capacity to address pressing environmental issues and generate equitable solutions. The professional work experience, training and mentorship will be enhanced by a cohort model of support and connection.

The program supports undergraduate interns from different disciplines who are placed within EarthLab’s member organizations for a 10-week paid internship focused on transdisciplinary research in a variety of contexts. Students from a range of disciplines are encouraged to apply. Interns will be provided professional development training and mentorship throughout.

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Key components of the program include:

Unifying project theme: Internship projects will focus on transdisciplinary research.

Cohort model: Opportunity to meet with, network and attend EarthLab coordinated training/events with other interns.  

Mentorship: Frequent meetings with an assigned faculty or research scientist mentor.

Thank you to everyone who has applied! We are reviewing applications and will notify candidates shortly. – April 25, 2022

Summer 2022 Placements

Virtual Information Session Recording

Have questions about our summer internship program? Check out our recorded info session on this new program, which was held on Zoom on March 29, 2022 at 4:30pm.

View the recorded session here:


Session Q&A

Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, the google form will allow you to select multiple positions. Please indicate in your cover letter the positions you are interested in order of preference.

Will applying to multiple internships harm your chances of getting into one specifically?

I don’t have an earth science background; can I still apply?
Yes, we encourage students from all disciplines to apply.

Where can I find out more about the organizations hosting the internship?
You can find link to the EarthLab member organizations here.

How many students will be in the cohort?
There will be one student intern for each position, so a total of 8 students in the cohort.

Are the positions in person or remote?
It depends. Some positions are a hybrid. Each position description indicates the options for in-person or remote. The cohort meetings will be held weekly at the EarthLab offices on campus.

When considering which internships to apply to, should I choose programs where I already have background experience or programs that are entirely new to me?
We recognize that one of the benefits of participating in an internship is to learn about disciplines that may be unfamiliar to you. That said, please apply for whatever program excites you the most.

Will my major or year in school impact the likelihood of my acceptance?
No– we welcome students from all backgrounds and undergraduate years to apply.

Are these internships open to graduating seniors or just undergraduates?
The internships are available to graduates matriculating in June 2022.

Student Eligibility

Undergraduate students from all UW schools and colleges are eligible to apply.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at a UW campus (Seattle, Tacoma or Bothell) as of Spring Quarter 2022.


Interns will receive a stipend over the 10-week period, see individual descriptions for expected time commitment and stipend amount for each internship. These roles are not benefits eligible.

Cohort Activities

We recognize that this may be a student’s first time working professionally and on challenging environmental and social issues. Based on feedback and insights gained from similar programs, EarthLab interns will participate as a cohort of individuals going through parallel experiences, growing together. Through this model, we hope that undergraduate students from across disciplines and campuses will engage with and learn from each other. They will benefit from the observations, experiences and reflections of other internship experiences and coach each other, as well as be provided with a mentor over the course of their internship.

EarthLab will host a variety of required group activities, up to five paid hours per week, that may include training sessions on professional development, challenge days to discuss and dismantle issues related to climate change and social justice and other activities to support growth and development. Interns will also be invited to attend EarthLab events, such as the annual EarthLab Community Gathering, which is held in May.

2022 Timeline

All times are Pacific.

Timeline was amended 4.25.22

Early March Internship positions announced

March 29 Virtual Information Session at 4:30 p.m. (this will be recorded)

April 15 Applications will be due by 5 p.m.

April 29 Applicants will be notified whether they are invited to interview for the internship positions.

Late April-Early May Interviews will be scheduled.

Early May Candidates will be notified of selection.

Mid-Late May  EarthLab Community Gathering

Early June Kick-off Orientation 

June 20-August 26 10-week internship period. EarthLab will host 5 training sessions on professional development, leadership, and challenge days to discuss & dismantle issues related to climate change & social justice. Interns and mentors will meet frequently. 

September/October Program celebration and student presentations. 

Application Instructions

Applicants may apply to more than one project/internship — please indicate your preference(s) in your cover letter. Show that passion/interest for the position(s)! All applicants must submit the following documents:

Recent CV or resume.

Please include a cover letter that outlines which project(s) you are interested in and how your experience will enable you to contribute to the success of the specific project(s). We encourage you to include relevant information about why you are interested in EarthLab/the organization you are applying for and how participation in this program would add to your professional development. This may include sharing what you hope to learn from the cohort model and research team or what social issue or aspect of environmental justice is most important to you and why.

Please combine the CV/resume and cover letter into a single .pdf file and upload your application to the link below.

Select candidates will be required to participate in a 30-minute interview.

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has applied!

Review Criteria

Applications will initially be reviewed by representatives of EarthLab. Select candidates will then be invited to interview for the internship positions. Candidates will be notified whether they have been selected for interviews according to the published timeline.

Interviews will last for 30 minutes and will be with a panel consisting of the faculty and staff who reviewed the applications.


Please contact earthlab@uw.edu with questions regarding this internship program.