EarthLab stands at the intersection of science and humanity, confronting urgent environmental issues that affect people, their lives and livelihoods.

What is EarthLab?

EarthLab is a new kind of solution to the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Part research engine and part community catalyst, EarthLab engages public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors in a shared and ongoing conversation that converts knowledge to action. Together, we identify the places where life on our planet is at greatest risk and co-create solutions that make a real impact on people’s lives.

Backed by the proven science and broad expertise at the University of Washington and working alongside our civic partners, we look inward to question, then reach outward to apply. We are expert, nimble, and tirelessly driven by our shared vision for tomorrow, which we collectively act on to make real today.

EarthLab co-creates and applies decision-ready science where society’s needs are greatest.

Building climate security and resilience

Reducing climate risk through informed societal decision-making and contextual understanding of human health, smart cities and healthy ecosystems.

Protecting ocean health

Addressing ocean acidification and sustainable fisheries through a local and global network to understand and protect our ever-changing oceans, estuaries and coastal habitats.

Planning wisely for natural hazards

Preventing natural hazards from becoming natural disasters by building partnerships for community resilience and designing and deploying effective warning systems.

Sustaining healthy ecosystems

Expanding capacity to tackle emerging conservation challenges through the creative strategies that foster sustainability.