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Climate Impacts Group

Reducing climate risks requires robust and reliable information that people can use when making decisions. The Climate Impacts Group supports the development of climate resilience by advancing understanding and awareness of climate risks and working closely with public and private entities to apply this information as they act to shape society’s future. They develop and deliver scientific information that is both useful to and used by the decision making community by fully integrating research with stakeholder engagement, and work on spatial scales ranging from local communities to the entire western U.S. region, with most work to-date focused on the Pacific Northwest. Research at the Climate Impacts Group is primarily supported by project-based grants and contracts from federal, state and local sources.

The Climate Impacts Group’s current efforts focus around three major initiatives, including 1) Flooding, 2) Successful Climate Adaptation in the Pacific Northwest and, 3) Tribal Climate Resilience. Examples of projects around these initiatives can be found on the Projects page. A more exhaustive list of projects can be found on their website.



Amy Snover
Director of Climate Impacts Group



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