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Now available: Two new Spanish-Language report translations on climate impacts in Washington

Prolonged wildfire seasons, more extreme temperatures, and more frequent floods — these are just some of the symptoms of a greater global warming problem that Washingtonians are witnessing at a higher frequency. Although these climate changes impact everyone throughout our state’s economy and ecosystems, the extent that communities are personally impacted by such experiences highlight the ways that traditionally overlooked communities continue to be disproportionately affected in the aftermath.

In order to create sustainable change, it’s necessary to make impacts science more accessible and inclusive to all, especially those who have been historically marginalized from the adaptation field.

It’s for this reason that the UW Climate Impacts Group and several community partners are excited to share two Spanish-language reports on the impacts of climate change for Washington State. The reports — Sin Tiempo Que Perder (English report translation:  No Time to Waste) and Cambiando las Líneas de Nieve y las Líneas de Costa (English report translation: Shifting Snowlines and Shorelines) — were originally published in English in 2018 and 2020, and are written for a general audience including policy makers, community organizers, journalists and the public.

The UW Climate Impacts Group and their partners hope that the Spanish translations of these reports will support efforts to engage with Spanish-speaking communities on the issues of climate change and climate impacts across our state.

This post has been adapted from the original blog on the Climate Impacts Group website. To learn more & read the original post, click here.