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Second edition released: Adapting research methodologies in the COVID-19 pandemic

This article was originally published by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Adapting Research Methodologies in the Covid-19 Pandemic, 2nd Edition (PDF)

UTS researchers and the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at the University of Washington EarthLab have collaborated in the creation of a resource for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers employing qualitative or mixed methods, whose work is being affected by the current measures in place worldwide restricting mobility, gatherings of people, and face-to-face meetings for interviews.

This second edition of “Adapting research methodologies in the COVID-19 pandemic” includes new insights from interviews with researchers who have had to change their methods – includes discussion of ethics implications when using enumerators, and the potential for decolonizing research. The first edition was published in July 2020.

Read or download the PDF report