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January 29

Nature & Health Lunchtime Talks

Come join exciting discussions of current research focused on the benefits of the connections between nature and health!

Title: Designing for Health in the Informal Amphibious Community, Iquitos.

Peru has significantly increased mining and oil extraction in the last decade, degrading Amazon Rainforest ecosystems and indigenous livelihoods, interrupting local to global climate regulation, and resulting in rapid jungle-to-city migration with ultimately 90,000+ people living in informal “amphibious” communities floating in the floodplain borders of the jungle city. These indigenous migrants struggle adapting from nature rich lifestyles to the harsh urban slums, manifesting in a multitude of physical, mental, social and environmental health issues. Leann Andrews and Coco Alarcón will discuss InterACTION Labs: Iquitos, a transdisciplinary action research program that fuses scientific, indigenous and professional knowledge to design landscape architecture interventions with an informal amphibious community in Iquitos, Peru. They will share preliminary human and ecological health impacts of the designs, and discuss implications to One Health, Planetary Health, diseases of poverty, climate change resilience, generational amnesia, and global environmental justice.

Speakers: Leann Andrews, PhD & Coco Alarcón, PhD Student

Bio: Leann Andrews and Coco Alarcón are landscape architects and global health researchers, co-founders of the non-profit Traction and co-directors of the InterACTION Labs program in Iquitos Peru. Coco is also currently a PhD student in Implementation Science at UW and Leann is an Affiliate Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture and research staff in the UW Green Futures Lab. They have been working on community design projects that strategically improve human and ecological health for vulnerable populations in both Peru and the United States since 2009.


When: January 29, 2020

Where: Anderson Hall Room 22

(Lunch will be provided — first come, first served.)

Future speakers will be:

Sara Park Perrins, PhC, February 12, 2020. Please bring your own lunch.
Carly Gray, PhD Student, March 11, 2020. Please bring your own lunch.