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EarthLab Salon 2020: Propose a talk

EarthLab’s mission is to work in partnership with others to accelerate and focus UW expertise to address large-scale environmental challenges, making a positive impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. Underpinning this mission is a commitment to put equity and justice at the core of our work. We recognize that addressing complex environmental challenges requires an understanding of how inequities and injustices are both causes and consequences of such issues. Furthermore, we must redress inequities and injustices in how we bring people and knowledge together in our work and workplaces to make decisions and co-create solutions.

We are only beginning to fully explore what our commitment to equity and justice means. It is not always obvious how equity and justice relate to environmental issues. Yet we know there is considerable experience on this subject across the University of Washington. By providing a venue to share your insight with a broad audience, we hope to start a much-needed cross-disciplinary conversation on the question of “What does it mean to center equity and justice in environmental work?”


The EarthLab Salon is a 3-part quarterly public lecture and workshop series designed to highlight expertise and leadership on this subject in the UW-wide community, especially among students, and build a foundation of shared understanding, values and language among participants. In doing so, we hope to foster opportunities for a new cross-cutting community to connect and collaborate on shared interests. We plan to take lessons learned into our work at EarthLab.

We invite proposals from pairs of presenters from two distinct fields, who will work collaboratively and present contrasting or complementary perspectives on a theme. Joint talks will take place that centers around the question: What does it mean to center equity and justice in environmental work?  We encourage presenters to seek new colleagues from across units, professions, and positions, and to integrate creative modes such as dance, spoken word, or music, into presentations that enable multiple perspectives to be expressed.

Presenters will be invited to deliver a 35-minute evening public lecture or performance followed by a Q&A and social hour at one of UW’s three campuses (Seattle, Tacoma, or Bothell). We will also invite presenters to share advanced readings, videos or other related resources and join a subsequent lunch and workshop with the EarthLab community to discuss their work in a more informal setting. All presentations will be live-streamed and curated in a UW Libraries digital publication. An honorarium of $200 will be available for community partners.

Any member of the UW community is eligible to submit a proposal, including students, staff, faculty, post-docs, visiting scholars, and more. One of the pair may be from outside UW, such as a community partner. Student-only pairs must designate a faculty or staff contact.

Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee composed of a mix of students, faculty and staff from across the UW community representing different units and disciplines, according to the following criteria:


-Addresses goals of the salon series with a clear, focused rationale
-Expresses perspectives not often heard in the environmental field


-Design/format makes sense given the content that is presented
-Communicated in a clear way that reaches a diverse audience

Quality of collaboration

-Each member contributes in a clear and valuable way to the project
-Innovative pairing of disciplines, units, professions, or etc.

Inter/transdisciplinary perspective

-Integrates concepts, methods and resources from 2 or more relevant disciplines
-The inter- or transdisciplinary integration results in novel or unexpected insights


Applications Due *Extended to January 13, 2020
Selection Process January 14, 2020 – January 17, 2020
Selections Announced January 20, 2020
First Lecture Early spring, 2020
Second Lecture Late spring, 2020
Third Lecture Fall, 2020

Presentation ideas are due January 13, 2020

To Apply

Write a proposal of up to 500 words that describes how you will answer the question, “What does it mean to center equity and justice in environmental work?” Include a description of your chosen topic (250 words), a description of your joint presentation format (100 words) and a brief biography of each presenter that illustrates why this topic is important to you (75 words each). For questions, contact sarajo@uw.edu.

Submit Your Talk

Co-sponsored by EarthLab; the College of the Environment Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and the Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity

Thanks to the UW Diversity Seed Grant Award for inspiring this series and making it possible