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NW CASC Fellowship Program delivers actionable science and leadership

Creating science that can help natural resource managers and and policy makers make sound decisions about emerging climate-related risks is critical. Through the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center’s Fellowship Program, not only is decision-relevant science being advanced, but the next generation of leaders in collaborative research is also taking shape.

Key to the Fellowship Program’s success is its focus on helping early-career scientists deepen both their disciplinary expertise and their ability to collaborate with regional natural resource managers and decision-makers to develop science that helps answer critical management questions. The Fellowship Program enables graduate students and postdocs from a variety of scientific backgrounds to work on projects that align with the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center’s science priorities, as well as receive instruction in the principles and practices of co-production of decision-relevant science.

Fellows participate in a University of Washington graduate seminar on the theory and practice of linking knowledge with action to address modern environmental challenges, cohort meetings and skills-building webinars. Fellows are invited to participate in regional science/practice convenings and present their work at the annual Northwest Climate Conference. To date, more than 150 graduate students and postdocs have received Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Fellowships to support work ranging from examining climate impacts on forest insect outbreaks to understanding how eelgrass can reduce the impact of ocean acidification on shellfish.

Meet the Fellows