Healthy ecosystems are the foundation on which society depends. We rely on them not only for clean water, food, fiber and protection from storms, but also for mental and physical health and for awe and inspiration. Yet it is clear that human activities have compromised the functioning of ecosystems worldwide. The Center for Creative Conservation tackles complex environmental problems by fostering collaborations across broadly diverse disciplines and sectors. The Center’s efforts support the sustainability of our world, encompassing biological and cultural diversity, social and ecological integrity, and matters of equity and justice. The solutions to most environmental problems are multifaceted — requiring a diversity of expertise, knowledge and perspectives. The Center brings together scientists, planners, lawyers, artists, engineers, marketers, doctors, developers, organizers, and others to develop innovative approaches, implement cross-cutting research projects, and launch new initiatives, programs, and campaigns.

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Achieving EarthLab’s vision only happens through collaborations spanning the private, public, nonprofit and academic sectors.