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EarthLab seeks to partner with decision-makers and to create relevant science-based solutions to our most urgent environmental issues. Together, we identify and work on projects that can effectively create real and positive change.

These are just a short selection of ongoing and past projects — visit each of our Member Organization’s webpages for a more complete list and details.


3 projects focusing on Oceans

Biological Responses to Ocean Acidification

Understanding the effects of ocean acidification on marine species is essential to promote adaptation that sustains coastal communities, maintain the vitality of the state’s seafood and marine recreation industries, and meet recovery goals for endangered species. Importantly, knowing more about how ocean acidification affects biology provides critical information for natural resource managers and others concerned with ocean acidification impacts.
The Washington Ocean Acidification Center and its partners study the effects of ocean acidification on numerous species that are ecologically and commercially important to the state of Washington. 

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Co-locating Field Observations with Biological Sampling

Combining observations of seawater chemistry with biological samples taken in the same place and at the same time offers a powerful means of assessing the status and trends of ocean acidification and its impacts in Washington waters. Such observations can enhance our understanding of underlying processes and contribute to responsive management of Washington’s marine resources and adaptive strategies.
The Washington Ocean Acidification Center works with partners to initiate new observations and expand current monitoring activities. 

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Predictive Modeling for Corrosive Marine Waters

The marine waters of Washington state can often be corrosive to shelled animals such as clams and oysters, especially when they are very young. Corrosive conditions are driven by natural variability combined with an increase in the acidity of ocean waters. This threatens marine ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, and poses a significant barrier to shellfish growers and the sustainability of their business. 

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