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EarthGames Climate Quest

EarthGames is an award-winning program at UW that develops video games and apps to teach environmental awareness and motivate sustainable choices. It consists of a studio class at UW, associated teachers’ guides, curated reviews of environmental games, an annual professional networking events and  occasional game jams. Part of a growing community, EarthGames started in 2015 as a dynamic group of students and faculty at UW, who in their first year won 1st place in the National Climate Game Jam for “Climate Quest” and 3rd place for “AdaptNation.” The next year they went on to capture 1st place and 2nd place in the Climate Game Jam for “Water Ways” and “Drop.”


EarthGames on Tap 2017

In 2017 the Center for Creative Conservation helped grow the community, and the concept, with EarthGames on Tap, a fun and inspiring evening bringing together game, environmental, and education professionals to meet and catalyze new games that are good for people and the planet. To receive an invitation to our next event, email earthgamesUW@gmail.com and request to join the mailing list, and join our Facebook group to stay in touch and help grow our new community. Project leads include Dargan Frierson professor of atmoshperic sciences at UW, Joshua Lawler at EarthLab and professor in the UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, and Sara Breslow, Social Science Lead at EarthLab.

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