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Biological Responses to Ocean Acidification

Understanding the effects of ocean acidification on marine species is essential to promote adaptation that sustains coastal communities, maintain the vitality of the state’s seafood and marine recreation industries, and meet recovery goals for endangered species. Importantly, knowing more about how ocean acidification affects biology provides critical information for natural resource managers and others concerned with ocean acidification impacts.

The Washington Ocean Acidification Center and its partners study the effects of ocean acidification on numerous species that are ecologically and commercially important to the state of Washington. In particular, the Center has conducted laboratory studies on krill, zooplankton, Dungeness crab, Olympia oysters, Coho salmon and sablefish. The results of their work with numerous partners have led to discoveries that shed light on the Salish Sea ecosystem, helping to guide marine resource management. The Center continues to work with the Washington State Legislature, tribal entities, agency partners, stakeholders and others to advance this work.