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Future Rivers Program Details

New STEM career skills

Data science training
– Coursework requirement (required) and ‘waterhack weeks’ (add on)

Opportunity for innovative interdisciplinary integration
– Seminar series (required)
– Graduate seminar class (required)
– Summer Institutes at FHL (required)

Improved communication skills
– One day communication workshop (required)
– Alternative media for science communication workshop
– Two day ‘in-depth’ communication training (add on)

Increase cultural-awareness and inclusivity
– STEM inclusivity workshops (required)


Possibility of 18 months of stipend during participation in the ‘core program’. Not all students will be funded with a stipend

Potential for ‘add-on’ opportunities and funding after completing the core program. These are open to everyone, irrespective of if they were funded to participate in the core program:
– 1-year stipend
– Travel or research funds
– Add on skill-building opportunities

Professional networking

NRT social & educational activities (seminars, meeting, book talks, etc.)

Summer Institutes will have scientists and real-world practitioners working together on a common problem with ample time for networking

Access to Data Science Career Fair and Northwest Data Science Summit


Develop a community of colleagues and friends through quarterly social meetups, seminars and coursework, and intensive interdisciplinary research

Students in the program must:

Apply in the winter quarter (details TBD)

Complete the ‘core’ program within 18 months, which consists of:
– Coursework (3 classes)
– Participate in seminars
– Attend one Summer Institute
– Complete one communication workshop
– Complete one STEM inclusivity workshops

Be respectful while collaborating and learning with others

Faculty advisors of Future Rivers students must:

Be active participants in the program through, for example, attendance at networking and scientific events, joining Summer Institutes, and facilitating cross disciplinary interaction

Attend at least one STEM inclusivity workshop

Be respectful while collaborating and learning with others

Application Details

Applications for our initial cohort will be accepted January 2020 – more information to come.