From earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and floods to devastating tsunamis, hurricanes, and large scale wildfires, the frequency and severity of natural hazards are increasing across the globe. While we cannot prevent natural hazards, we can prevent them from becoming disasters. By building partnerships for community resilience as well as regional and national collaborations for effective warning system development and deployment, EarthLab is catalyzing new cooperative efforts with external organizations to build resilient communities, minimize negative economic impacts, and reduce loss of life. UW’s geohazards community is well known for its innovative cross disciplinary approaches combining earth science, applied math, public policy, built environments and urban planning. EarthLab investments use this interdisciplinary approach to address an even wider range of natural hazards, enabling us to increase community resilience in the face of multiple, interacting hazards.

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Achieving EarthLab’s vision only happens through collaborations spanning the private, public, nonprofit and academic sectors.