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A “Green New Deal” for the oceans must prioritize social justice beyond infrastructure

“A green new deal for the oceans must prioritize social justice beyond infrastructure” adds to a recently published peer-reviewed article which declares that oceans are largely absent or separate from the policy proposals listed in the GND. The timely paper published by Dundas et al. (2020) argues the importance of extending the values and proposed strategies of the GND to the oceans, including investing in infrastructure, renewable energy, food security, and habitat restoration.

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New “Blue Paper” highlights “once-in-a-generation” opportunity to transform our relationship with the ocean

The relationships between human societies and oceans are diverse and complex. Stand on any coastline in the world and stare out at the waters; listen to the crashing waves, smell the salty air, and revel in a sense of place and health. Observe teams of people cooperating to bring in a day's harvest or talk to a Tribal member about the history of the ocean sustaining their community. These are only some of the intangible “ocean values” that have contributed to human well-being for millennia. And it turns out, the future of human welfare depends on maintaining this rich diversity of relationships and values with the oceans.

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"The Olympic Coast as a Sentinel: Tribal Communities at the Forefront of Ocean Change" Premiers September 24 at the River & Ocean Film Festival

Trailer for “The Olympic Coast as a Sentinel: Tribal Communities at the Forefront of Ocean Change,” produced by Washington Sea Grant in partnership with Hoh Tribe, Makah Tribe, Quileute Tribe, Quinault Indian Nation, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, Olympic National Park, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, UW Applied Physics Lab, UW Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, and University of Connecticut. 

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Ocean Nexus Releases Report: Adapting Research Methodologies in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ocean Nexus Center investigators have collaborated in the creation of a new resource for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers whose work is being affected by the COVID-19 virus. Researchers that typically rely on face-to-face forms of human interaction to collect their data can no longer do so due to the mobility restrictions in place worldwide. This document offers guidance on potentially useful methods to help redesign their projects.

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D4D Project Launch Under New Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at UW

The outputs of these decision-making processes significantly impact the lives of coastal communities, whose populations are most directly affected by changes to the marine environment. However, despite the ongoing data revolution, many groups (e.g. those with lower incomes, indigenous communities) remain pervasively underrepresented in the data-driven strategic planning addressing environmental change within their communities.

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