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Water & the World As We Know It: In Conversation with Giulio Boccaletti

In his latest book, “Water: A Biography,” Giulio Boccaletti shrewdly examines how irrigation structures have informed our social structures throughout the ages. Join Future Rivers and EarthLab for a virtual exploration of Boccaletti’s work as we collectively try to enhance our relationship to, and fundamental reliance on, the most elemental substance on earth.

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COP26: Reflections from the Global Climate Conference & Implications for UW

About the Event
As a UN registered Research & Independent Non-Governmental Organization (RINGO), UW sent three official delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP 26. These delegates were UW’s three “observers” participating in the meetings, appointed by the Office of Global Affairs.
EarthLab and the Office of Global Affairs have invited the three UW delegates to communicate with the broader UW community their reflections on the global conference and what we – as a university and as individuals – might do to follow up. 

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2021 Nature and Health Conference Reaches a Global Audience

This past fall, over 300 attendees and speakers convened virtually for Nature & Health’s first ever three-day conference. Designed to span a variety of topics and times from October 12-14, UW’s Nature & Health team welcomed transdisciplinary experts from across the globe to share their findings on the importance of nature in human health and well-being.

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Nature and Health Spring Talks: Health Equity & Nature

On Wednesday, April 28, Nature and Health is hosting two presentations about the intersection of health equity and nature in the context of structural racism, #BlackLivesMatter and COVID-19. We invite you to learn more about these important talks and register for them today.

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Future Rivers Spring Speaker Series

Save the dates for our upcoming lunchtime film and speaker series! Each session will start with a one-hour screening of an episode of the PBS docuseries H2O The Molecule That Made Us, followed by a facilitated conversation and open Q&A with an expert panel focused on main themes of that episode (e.g., big data, history and civilization, and the intersection of health and global water politics).

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Future Rivers Graduate Trainee Program Information Session

Dr. Gordon Holtgrieve, Program Director and Athena Bertolino, Program Manager will present details on the Future Rivers program and answer questions. The team invites any interested students, faculty, or advisors to join them virtually. The online session will be recorded and distributed to registrants who are unable to attend live.

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