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EarthLab Welcomes Program on Climate Change to EarthLab Affiliates

EarthLab announced today that the Program on Climate Change (PCC) has become an EarthLab Affiliate Organization. EarthLab Affiliates are University of Washington-based organizations that are similarly seeking to address critical and complex environmental issues. EarthLab and Affiliates support each other’s programs by sharing information, ideas and networks in order to catalyze new relationships and research projects.

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Call for nominations for EarthLab Lunch & Learn Series: Collaborating Across Difference

Each month, we invite two or more individuals from different backgrounds, i.e. sectors/disciplines/communities/geographies, who learned lessons about how to collaborate while working together on a project. To nominate yourself or another team, please email EarthLab Communications Lead Constance McBarron at cmcbar@uw.edu. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and we will work with the team directly to secure the date.

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EarthLab Equity and Justice Reads: Homegoing

EarthLab has selected Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi for our equity and justice book club this quarter. EarthLab staff and member organization members will meet on Friday, November 6 to discuss the themes of intersectionality, colonialism and imperialism, and slavery-- and how they relate to the environmental and conservation field.

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EarthLab Feedback Survey (1 minute)

We're looking for your feedback! EarthLab is an innovative initiative at the University of Washington that has grown rapidly. We value your input as we continue developing our strategic plan that will shape our work for the next three-five years.

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Faisal Hossain publishes children’s books on STEM

Faisal Hossain, UW professor of civil and environmental engineering and executive committee member of Future Rivers at UW EarthLab, has published two books for young readers: “The Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors,” volumes one and two, from Mascot Books.

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Accelerating our global response to a worsening crisis

UW’s new Hans Rosling Center for Population Health asked five of the University’s leading voices on climate change and decarbonization to discuss how we can move forward from the pandemic in ways that deliver environmental resilience and positive health outcomes for all.

Amy Snover, director of the Climate Impacts Group and university director of the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, contributed to the series with the following essay.

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