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Washington Ocean Acidification Center

Oceans, estuaries and coastal habitats are changing quickly, driven by both natural processes and human activities. From the air we breathe to the seafood we eat, oceans play a critical role in our daily lives and the global economy. The Washington Ocean Acidification Center was established by the state legislature to advance research and monitoring of ocean acidification and its biological effects in Washington waters. EarthLab investments expand the work of the Center by considering ocean acidification in the larger context of ocean health. The Center joins a global network of researchers and decision-makers to address ocean acidification and associated stressors worldwide. As in the area of climate resilience, collaboration with University of Washington scholars in law, policy and governance is critical to ensuring that the science addresses real-world issues associated with rapidly changing ocean conditions and the challenges they pose to society and the economy.

Examples of Washington Ocean Acidification Center projects can be found on the Projects page.



Terrie Klinger
Co-Director of Washington Ocean Acidification Center, Director and Professor of Marine and Environmental Affairs


Jan Newton
Co-Director of Washington Ocean Acidification Center, Senior Principal Oceanographer at UW Applied Physics Laboratory



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