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EarthLab 2020 Innovation Grants RFP Moved to Fall 2021

After thoughtful evaluation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on short-term fundraising and the ability to perform research, the EarthLab Innovation Grants Program will release the next Request for Proposals (RFP) in September 2021.

While we regret not being able to invest in new collaborations this fall, we believe this is the most responsible and efficient way to support current research teams and to maintain the success of the Innovation Grants Program for the long term.

Over the next year, we look forward to updating the RFP to include some of the lessons we have learned over the past two years of the program. We are also nearing the completion of an organizational-wide strategic planning process that will bring more focus to EarthLab’s mission to address complex environmental challenges.

Click here to view our most recent RFP, but note that our funding focus will change in 2021.