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Sparking Climate Connections: UW Lightning Talks on Climate Change

Sparking Climate Change Event Save the Date


The EarthLab Advisory Board of Deans invites you to participate in an exciting two-part event bringing the rich variety of climate change research happening across UW together in one afternoon. We envision this as a starting point of connection, from which many conversations and collaborations will follow. 

Virtual Lightning Talks

On December 1, 2022 at 1pm PT, we will be hosting a virtual climate change event featuring pre-recorded lightning talks. Any UW faculty or staff researcher across the tri-campus is welcome to submit a one-minute video presentation on their work. We will compile and present these pre-recorded videos as a way to explore how current climate work and research interests intersect across the tri-campus. 

Video submission deadline extended! The video submission section within the registration portal will be now open through Monday, November 21st at 5pm PT. At this time, we are only accepting lightning talk video submissions from UW faculty or staff researchers. 

If you are a community member, student, or UW faculty/researcher/staff member and would like to attend the virtual lightning talks, you are welcome to register as a viewer until November 23 at 5pm PT.

Register and/or submit a talk

Do you need help recording your video? Sign up for office hours on November 7 or 16 for real time feedback.

In-Person Reception

From 5-7pm PT, we will be hosting an in-person reception with food and drinks open to all. This in-person gathering, to be held at the Douglas Forum at the Foster School of Business, is an opportunity to network with the other presenters and centers from the lightning talks and forge future interdisciplinary collaborations in the realm of climate change mitigation, adaptation and action.

Register for this event here

Please note: if you are having trouble registering for this event without a Google account, please contact Allie Long at alongs@uw.edu.


How to Record a Lightning Talk

60 seconds goes fast. Here’s what you’ll need to think about to make your presentation a success:

Prepare: Just like you would for an in-person conference, video presentations require practice beforehand. We want these videos to be accessible and helpful to as many audiences as possible. For this reason, make sure that you’re describing the “what” and “how” behind your subject matter in a way that is easy and interesting for anyone to understand, regardless of their experience in your field. You are welcome to use PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, or any other standard presentation software. Make sure to check that you have a working microphone.

Write it out: Part of the process of putting together a successful pre-recorded talk is to create a script to practice with. That way, everything you want to say is planned and you can better visualize how it will come together. Make sure to practice it out loud, and try to keep it simple– the best talks are ones that tell a story. 

Practice: It can be hard to distill a lot of information in a short amount of time! Please note that we are strict on the one minute time allotments, so make sure to practice your presentation (several times before recording, ideally) with a timer. 

Record: Record your lightning talk in Zoom so that you are able to easily save the file in .mp4 format. We will be cutting each video off at 60 seconds, so please make sure that your work fits within the allotted timeframe. Please make sure to acknowledge your team of students and post docs when you introduce yourself if it is applicable with the research you are presenting.

Not sure what to cover in a minute? Here’s a sample framework:

  • 1-2 sentence introduction: Provide your name, title, pronouns (if you choose), UW departmental affiliation and the name of your presentation
  • 2-3 sentences on what climate research you’re currently working on
  • 2-3 sentences on who you’re collaborating with across campus or in the community
  • 1-2 sentences on who from UW or in the community you would like to connect with in the future

Save: Please save your presentation as LastName.mp4. Confirm upon saving that the presentation length is in fact 1 minute (60 seconds) long.

Review: Sometimes mistakes happen between recording and uploading presentations. To avoid having to re-record your presentation at a later date, make sure you review your presentation before uploading it. Double check the sound quality– if you can’t hear yourself in the recording, the audience won’t be able to hear you either. If this presents a problem, try adjusting the computer’s internal microphone, using headphones, or plugging in an external microphone for better audio quality and recording again.

Upload: Once you’ve completed the steps above, upload your video to the Registration Portal and finalize your registration information. The Registration Portal will open on October 24.

Want step-by-step instructions on how to professionally record a quick video presentation using Zoom?

View our recording guide here

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