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2021 EarthLab Showcase

Curious about what we do?

On May 18, 2021, we hosted our second annual showcase, featuring lightning-style presentations from our member organizations and grantee partners who are working towards an equitable, just & sustainable world where people and planet thrive.

EarthLab 2021 Showcase


Presentations included:

  • Welcome | Ben Packard, Harriet Bullitt Endowed Executive Director, EarthLab
  • Sea Weaver (PDF) | Leo Hummel, Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center
  • Biology and ocean acidification | Jan Newton, Washington Ocean Acidification Center
  • Stormwater Management Tool | Harriet Morgan, Climate Impacts Group
  • TerraAdapt Cascadia (PDF)|¬† Andrew Shirk, Climate Impacts Group
  • Lessons from Urban Indigenous Immigrants (PDF) | Leann Andrews, Coco Alarcon, Kathleen Wolf, EarthLab Innovation Grants Program
  • Clarifying the Health Impacts of Climate Action on Frontline Communities | Jeremy Hess, Center for Health and the Global Environment
  • Burning Embers (PDF) | ¬†Kris Ebi, Center for Health and the Global Environment
  • Predicting Pollen for Allergy Management (PDF) | Fiona Lo, Center for Health and the Global Environment