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Call for nominations for EarthLab Lunch & Learn Series: Collaborating Across Difference

While we may be specialists in our respective areas of knowledge, we are not necessarily experts in the skills necessary to bring that knowledge together in joint solutions.

EarthLab aims to address complex environmental challenges by leveraging the collective wisdom of academia, partners, and communities.

Each month, we invite two or more individuals from different backgrounds, i.e. sectors/disciplines/communities/geographies, who learned lessons about how to collaborate while working together on a project. For example, last year we hosted artist Rachel Lodge and her scientist collaborator, Dave Peterson, on an arts-science project. On a separate month, Climate Impacts Group Meade Crosby and Tribal leader Don Sampson presented on co-producing a climate Tribal tool. Visit our webpage to learn more information about the program, including all of our past presenters.

Next available date is November 10

To nominate yourself or another team, please email EarthLab Communications Lead Constance McBarron at cmcbar@uw.edu. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and we will work with the team directly to secure the date. Typically, we will host the series on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

Thank you to our co-sponsors: Washington Sea Grant; CHanGE; Urban@UW; UW Center for Global Studies